There are many benefits to purchasing and wearing the #1 Running and Orthopedic Walking Shoe.

  1. The is s shoe to fit nearly every type of foot shape and size regardless if its pronation, supination or both, high arches, lower arches, linear, curve linear foot types.
  2. If you have one foot longer than the other, we can custom order the shoes for you without you having to purchase two pairs of shoes. As an example, if your left foot is a size 10 and you right is a size 7 we can measure and order the shoes as a pair.
  3. We have standard width shoes and we are also able to order the shoes in wide width. In many cases we see people wearing shoes that are not the right shoe, size and with for their feet which causes many orthopedic problems.
  4. If the correct shoe for your foot isn’t in stock, we will custom order the shoe and it takes 4-5 business days to deliver. Once we receive the shoe, we will call and set up an appointment to fit the shoe and to assure that it is a good fit for you.
  5. As South Eastern Ohio Authorized Brook Retailer, we are able to purchase any Brooks product for you. Unlike many other Brooks retailers, we have access to the full line of shoes in addition we are also able to provided soft goods in the event that they are needed such as ankle braces, Achilles tendon support, toe flexor, night splints, toe protectors and blister protectors and nipple protectors.

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