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Addiction / Dyad Walkers – Leather Orthopedic Walking and Work Shoes

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  • Suitable for Health Care, Industrial, Restaurant Professionals
  • Respected and loved by walkers and people who are on their feet for long periods of time
  • Repels water, blood, chemical, and body fluids unlike mess running or walking shoes
  • Eliminates the need for expensive Orthotics Inserts – There isn’t away to correct a wore out shoe and or the wrong shoe for a persons foot type ! Orthotic Inserts in this scenario can only make your problems worse!
  • It’s a Neutral shoe that eliminate pronation and supination with built in arch support
  • Reduces impact and eliminates discomfort in the foot, ankles, legs, knees, hip and back
  • Improve gait, balance and coordination
  • Leather upper resist stretching while providing longer wearing support and comfort
  • This shoe come in White, Black and Brown
  • Properly fitted, the Addiction / Dyad Walker has eliminated the need for ankle braces, orthotics, foot and ankle surgeries!
  • The Addiction Walker comes in narrow and wide widths
  • In cases where one foot is longer than the other, custom ordering is available with out the need to buy two pairs of shoes.
  • Most shoe are in stock, custom measuring and fitting is preformed by an Certified Orthotic Fitter

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Authorized Brooks Dealer: North Point Fitness Institute, LLC

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